Who? What? When? How? Where?

So what exactly is GreatLandlords.com?

Well, we are a website dedicated to helping people find quality housing in the Houston area. We are local: We have not been outsourced to a remote location in Bangalore. We are urban: We live in the same innerloop neighborhoods that you want to live in. We are experienced: We have been in the leasing business for more years than some of our customers have been alive.

We work with some of the best landlords in the city. We specialize in smaller, vintage, "boutique" properties, "Inside the Loop" (610)-- many of which are NOT listed on the MLS and are only available through us. Duplex. Triplex. 4plex. 6plex. 8plex. Etc. No gi-normous econobox complexes. We don’t just give you a list of apartments to go drive by and send you on your way (in fact, we don’t give out addresses at all). We take the time to ask questions, find out what you really want, drive you around, show you the properties we think will work best for you--and ultimately, help you find the perfect place to call home. If we don’t find you what you are looking for, we don’t get paid. (If we do find it--we get paid by the landlord--not YOU... sweet!)

The Process

There are a couple of different ways that you can use this site to quickly find what you need. First, you can click on the "Search" tab above and--if you know them--select the areas of the city that you are interested in, the number of beds and baths you need, the rent range you are shooting for and what type of pet you have (if any). This will narrow down the number of properties significantly and save you time--and the emotional anguish of falling in love with a place that you can’t rent anyway. If you are uncertain about any field just leave it blank. If your search yields no--or too few--result, you may need to broaden them out a bit, perhaps try adjacent neighborhoods, lower or increase the rent range, etc. (This will also be an indication of whether your parameters are realistic or not.)

Use the site to narrow your focus. If you request information on 10 different properties in 10 different areas in 10 different price ranges--don’t be surprised if you do not hear back from us. Because if you don’t really know what you want--we can’t help you find it. Also, If you don’t need an apartment for 30 to 60 days, bookmark the site and check back with us when your move date is a bit closer. 45 to 30 days is ideal. Landlords don’t "hold" apartments without rent--so what’s available today probably will not be available in 30 days.

The "Request a Tour" feature is one of the best things our programmer Jack came up with. It allows you to keep adding properties to a list until you are totally finished browsing, then send that entire list to us in one email. Each unit has a "Request a Tour" link next to it. Use it - it will help you save time.

A second way to use the site is to click on the "Available" tab above and just scroll down and browse through the listings until you see properties that look or sound good to you, then click "View Unit Details" to find out more about those properties. "Request a Tour" also works in this mode.

Since we are typically out touring property with clients like you all day--every day--we always check emails throughout the day. Phone #’s are required when contacting us through the site. For obvious reasons we do not set showing appointments via email.

There are a finite number of excellent, affordable vintage properties in the innerloop--and a seemingly infinite number of renters looking for them. We can only work with so many people at one time--so don’t be afraid to be the squeaky wheel and keep emailing occasionally until you hear from us. We average 30 to 40 Tour Requests per DAY... so, we are not ignoring you--we may just be prioritizing in order to try to maximize our time. So keep trying! And good luck in your search!

What do YOU Consider a Great Landlord?

You don’t have to own expensive properties in River Oaks to be a Great Landlord. And you don’t have to allow ALL pets or let people paint their apartments pink if they want to. Great Landlords come in all shapes, sizes, and genders--but for the most part, Great Landlords have their shit together. They aren’t trying to pull anything over on anybody. If there’s a problem, they’re gonna solve it. When you move into one of their apartments, it’s gonna be clean and bug-free. Great landlords know the value of a great tenant. They want you to be happy. They want you to stay in their unit as long as possible (turnover & vacancy are a landlord’s biggest enemy). Great Landlords try to be accommodating--but REALLY Great Landlords NEVER kiss anyone’s ass or look the other way when you break the lease. And they shouldn’t have to: Their properties should speak for themselves.

Most of the Great Landlords we know usually have a passion for what they do. They typically own great properties--but not always. Sometimes they are just average properties that are very well managed and well maintained. And that’s worth a lot. We cannot guarantee that you’ll never have a problem with a landlord whose units are on this site; but generally speaking, if they treat us well, they are going to treat you well. If not, they won’t be on our site for long. Seriously. Homey don’t play that.

And finally, BE REALISTIC. Real Estate is probably the purest example of the law of supply and demand on the planet. The "perfect" apartment in the "perfect" location is never going to be the cheapest apartment. So if you are on a limited budget and you HAVE to live in a specific area, you may have to live without this amenity or that. Don’t hassle it. What’s more important--a dishwasher or livng walking distance to your favorite coffee shop?

Have fun on the site.... We hope you find something great!

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